JSB "Didysis tyrulis" produces several types of peat substrates. Peat substrates can also be produced upon customer's request. 


Peat substrate ( 250 liters bag) is produced by mixing sieved peat, dark and white, with the degree of fragmentation  of 10÷25%, inserting 6,5 kg of limestone.


 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS                             


 Acidity of pH                           5,5÷6,5

 Humidity up                             <55%                            

 Fraction                                   0÷10÷20 mm

 Accessories: limestone  6.5 kg/m³                                            




 Nitrogen (N)                              190÷260

 Phosphorus (P)                           60÷80

 Potassium (K)                            220÷290

 Calcium (Ca),                            150÷230

 Magnesium (Mg),                     152÷6

 Boron (B)                                  1.5÷2.5

 Iron (Fe),                                   110÷140

 Manganese (Mn)                      8.5÷10.5

 Zinc (Zn)                                    1.8÷2.3

 Chloride (Cl)                             253÷5


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